Finding A+A Architecture

Monday 1996, unlocked the door of Alexander+Associates and began my first day. The office is small and quiet. Over the weekend Nan and I moved chairs, equipment, and file storage with doors set on top for my desk. The drafting table is old, looking great having been refinished to the original oak stain. Black, pink then white layers of paint were sanded off to reveal the original oak, just as it appeared in the CRS offices.

Monday 1970, another door unlocked at 2410 Taft in Houston and a new architect office was open, evolving into the Architectural firm Alexander Brooks & Murray. Facing the large front window David Alexander prepared the same drafting table.

Quiet, but confident sitting at the drafting table with a pedigree. The silence ends with a 10am phone ring. The client...the only client, decided to put the only project on hold. 

Especially thankful for the client who year after year has provided friendship, advice, and of course, projects. These clients are the guideposts to finding A+A Architecture Inc.  

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